Blackboard Update

Northern College has renewed our contract with Blackboard Inc. for the continued use of Blackboard Learn. While we will retain access to our own on premise version of Blackboard (the system we have used for the last 9 years), the intent is that all Fall 2019 courses will be migrated to a cloud based system utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology and hosting services. In partnership with Blackboard Inc, our 2019 version of Blackboard Learn will be enhanced with the addition of Blackboard Content and Blackboard Community application systems. Through the next academic year we will bring these new applications online and commence with faculty training and PD beginning in May of 2020 for those that wish to make use of the enhanced features. In addition, we have secured access to the new Blackboard Collaborate system which will allow easy classroom lecture recording and slide sharing.

The new cloud based version of Blackboard will be “Bb Ultra” capable, however this will not be enabled during the 2019/2020 academic year, so for all intents and purposes the system folks will see in August will look and function just like our current system, with only a few color changes. Any work faculty have been doing to prepare their Fall 2019 courses on our current on premise Bb system will be copied directly over to the new Cloud based system sometime in the last half of July.

In August the new url (web link) required to access the 2019 Fall semester courses will be sent directly to all faculty and staff, and updated on the College’s website.