Accessing and Grading Student Tests

Video Tutorial

Accessing and Grading Student Tests

STEP 1: Accessing Grade Center
Once the students have completed the test, in order to access their results and or grade any questions that need grading, you would navigate to Grade Center, then Full Grade Center.

You can see for the “teststudent”, underneath the column, Test #1: How To, is a yellow circle with a white “!” In it indicating that there is a submission there waiting for grading.

STEP 2: Grade Your Test
1. In order to start grading your test you click the down arrow, and then click on Attempt.

This has now opened up the students attempt on their tests:

2. Any questions that are marked automatically by Blackboard will have the value already indicated in the right hand side.

3. Any question needing you to grade it will be blank.

4. So for this essay question…

…you can see that this is the student answer here:

5. You can provide feedback on the answer…

6. …and you can also indicate the student’s mark. I'm going to give this student a mark of two.

7. This multiple choice question, again, has already been marked.

8. The last question is a short answer that I need to mark.

9. Once complete, hit submit at the bottom of the page…

…and now instead of the yellow circle, you will see a grade for that students test.

In this instance, this column was set up to show the grade and not a percentage.

STEP 3 – Edit Column Information

1. If you would like to see the percentage for this test, you can click the down arrow on the column.

2. Go to “Edit Column Information”.

3. Where it says “Primary Display”, you can change it from a Score to a Percentage.

4. If you would like to see both the percentage and the score, you can change secondary display to a score.

5. Click Submit.

Now for this test, you will see the percent that the student received as well as the grade beside it. This is the view that the students will also see.

STEP 5: Grade Details
1. If you wanted to have access to a little bit more detail about the students’ attempt, you can click the down arrow.

2. Then click “View Grade Details”.

3. This provides you with a look at the student’s percentage.

4. I also have the opportunity to Exempt this grade if you would like.

STEP 6: View Attempts
1. If you Click View Attempts, it would take you back into the test to show you all of the questions.

2. This section tells you the date and time that the test was completed and again, what their value is.

3. You also have the opportunity to Clear the students attempt if you wanted to delete this and let them try again, or simply Ignore the attempt, which would not let them try again but does not provide the grade.

STEP 7: Manual Grade Override

1. Click Manual Override.

2. If for some reason you wanted to give the student a different mark than what was calculated by Blackboard, you could put that here, it also provides an opportunity to put in information as to why you may have done this.

STEP 8: Column Details
1. If you click Column Details, it gives you a look at the column details and how everything is set up.

STEP 9: Grade History
1. Click Grade History.

When the test was submitted, what it was graded at, and if you would have put a manual override in here, that would show as well.

2. Click Return to Grade Center.

STEP 10: Hide Test Results
1. If you do not wish my students to see their results for their test right away,you can click the down arrow on the column heading.

2. Choose Hide from students on/off.

3. You can now see as indicated by this black circle in red line that this column is hidden from students.

So when the student signs in to check their grades they would not see this result.

4. For students to check their grade you need to make sure that the column is not hidden, click again on the drop down arrow and select Hide from students on/off.

5. The students then simply sign into your course.

6. Click on the My Grades link on the left hand side.

7. This will show them all of the grades that they have received for your course.

Instructions - Accessing & Grading Student Tests (PDF)