Alternate Teaching Strategies

IMPORTANT – Consider UDL & Accessibility when designing/redesigning course content, teaching strategies and assessments. Make Sure Blackboard course is well designed and easy to follow. Each Module should be clearly outlined. Use Student Mode to view your course from a Student Perspective.

Current Strategy Online/Remote Options
Lecture/Instructor Presentation **Use Blackboard Collaborate to present live or record lecture with slides.
**Record Series of short content videos (using Blackboard Collaborate, your cell phone, SnagIt, etc.
**Find Supplementary/Complementary Resources to share with your Students (Ted Talks, LinkedIn Learning, YouTube, Publisher Materials, Khan Academy, Apps, etc.
**Add Narration/Audio Clips to Power Point Slides
**Add Short Video Clips to Introduce Concepts on Power Point Slides
**Publisher Tools – Resources, ONLINE Labs
In-Class Discussions **Create Discussion Forums in Blackboard
**Use Padlet or another form of Collaborative Software to post questions and respond through various media forms
**Consider Flipgrid to post discussion prompts and respond through videos
**Use Blackboard Wiki’s
Share Content **Upload Files to Content Areas of Blackboard
**Google Docs
**Post Links in Blackboard to External Files
**Embed or post links to videos
**Publisher Resources – Online Labs, Tools
Meet with Students/Course Communications **Hold Virtual Office Hours through Blackboard Collaborate
**Skype, Zoom – Hold Office Hours or Answer Questions
**Use Blackboard Tools often – minimum 1x per week to help Students stay on track with Learning Objectives i.e. Announcements, Email
**Use Social Media as Content Permits i.e. Twitter
**Video Note, Audio Clip
Group Work **Create Groups in Blackboard using the Groups Functions to assign Work, email groups, share instructions, etc.
**Use Collaboration Tools – Google Docs, WordPress, Padlet
**Simulations/Simulation Software
In-Class Review **Blackboard Quizzes
**Review Questions in Polling Tool using Kahoot, Socrative, Mentimeter, Quizlet
**Create Study Sets or Practice Tests
**Use Discussion Forums, Padlet, Goodgle Docs for Students to ask Questions
**Have Students create Concept Maps with Concept Map Tools
**Use ONLINE Library Resources
**Publisher Tools
Classroom Handouts **Upload Handouts, readings, presentations, and other documents you use in class to Blackboard.
**Use Publisher Content where possible
**Consider OER
**Consider Library Resources
Applied Learning Activities **Record demonstrations
**Use Simulations
**Blackboard Journals