Copying and Moving Content

Video Tutorial


A. Files you can and cannot copy/move.

As an instructor you have the ability to move or copy some of the content in the content area of your course. This can be helpful if you teach more than one course and you would like to grab a file from one course and move it to another. You can also move items around within a course. NOTE: that moving and copying items is only applicable for any of the information you have put in through the “Build Content Toolbar”: Information such as Items, Files, Content Folders, or the Audio, Image and Web Link files that we have already included.

NOTE: You cannot copy any content from the “Assessment Area” including Test, Survey and Assignments using this method. You can however, move them around from within in your course.

Specific instructions for how to move or copy these types of assessments will be available in another training video. Let’s go into your Week 1 folder.

Let’s copy Week 1 lesson & Presentation to another course that you teach. Click on the down arrow next to the file.

At the bottom of the menu that appears, you have two options: “Copy” and “Move”.

COPY: if you choose copy, it will take a picture of that file and move it into a different course and leave this item here as well.
MOVE: if you choose “Move”, it will remove the item from this course and put it into another course.

B. Copy a File to Another Course

1. Click on copy in the menu. On the following screen you will see the name of the file.

2. Then it asks you what is the destination course that you would like to put this file into. It defaults to the course you are in. To change it, click on the drop down arrow.

3. Change it to the course you’d like to move it too. In this case, we will change it too Angela’s Test Course.

4. Then you need to specify the destination for this course. Click on Browse

This automatically brings up the structure tree.

5. Choose the area you want to move your file to. In this case, we will move it to Course content.

6. Leave the next section to the default. And Click submit.

You will see that week one presentation still exists in the course you are in now.

7. If you navigate to the other course you wanted to move your file/s too (Angela’s Test Course in this example) and (click on Course content which is where you copied it too). Then scroll to the bottom. You will now see “Week one Lessons & Presentation” that you copied from your other course.

8. Click on Northern College to go back to the first course you were working in. For this example, it’s “Introduction to Blackboard.” And then back into the Course content area.

C. Copy or Move a File in Another Area of a Course

You can also move or copy a file into a new area of the same course.

1. So if you wanted Math Lesson from Week 2 to show up under Week 3 instead, you would click the down arrow and choose “Move”. (that is going to pull this file out of this folder and move it into the new folder).

2. It’s asking you for your destination course. In this example, you are going to leave it at “Introduction to Blackboard” because all we want to do is move it within this course. Then click on” Browse” (brings up the structure for your course) and choose Week 3 folder.

3. Then submit. You will now see in you Week 2 folder that the file is no longer there. Go back to course content and click on Week 3. You will find the file you moved from Week 2.

D. Copy Entire Folders

You also have the ability to copy over entire folders worth of content, not just one item at a time. Keeping in mind that if there is anything in that folder that came from the Assessment’s area, that will not copy over.

1. To copy over the whole folder Week 2, click the down arrow and choose “Copy”.

2. For ease we will leave the course destination to the folder we are in. Click on Browse and choose “Course Outline”.

3. Leave everything else set to default and click submit.

Because you selected a copy, the folder is still in this area. It doesn’t go away.

Now if you go into “Course Content Outline”, you will see you copied over the entire Week 2 folder. Click on the folder and you will see the two items.

Instructions - Copying and Moving Content (PDF)