Make Course Available and Unavailable to Users

Video Tutorial


Often when a blackboard course is created, especially when it’s created holding content from a master course, the course can be set to unavailable to students. When you log into Blackboard you would see this under your My Courses, next to the name will be a bracket that says “Not Currently Available”.

The reason for this is to allow the instructor an opportunity to edit, change, or add information into the course while not allowing the students to see the course at all. There are two ways to change this:

A. Make Course Available/Unavailable Using Lock Toggle

1. You'll notice up in this top bar that it indicates that this “Course is unavailable to students”.

2. On the far right is a lock icon to make the course available or unavailable.

3. Currently my course is not available, to make it available you simply click the lock icon and it unlocks now making the course available.

This means any information that you post in this course will now be visible to students unless you specifically hide each item, like I have done here.

4. If you would like to make your course unavailable, you simply mouse over the lock icon, and click it again.

Now your course is unavailable and indicated here in the top left hand corner.

B. Make Course Available/Unavailable in “Set Availability”

1. A second way to make your course available or unavailable is underneath the Course Management toolbar.

2. Click on Customization and Properties.

3. Scroll down to Set Availability, you will notice that this course is not available.

4. To make available, simply click Yes and “Submit”, now the course is available.

Either option can be used for making a course available or unavailable.

Instructions - Make Course Available and Unavailable to Users (PDF)