Course Development

Northern College strives to deliver the most relevant, pedagogically sound programming as possible. The course(s) you have been assigned has been carefully chosen as part of a program whole that meet specific needs and/or learning goals known as Learning Objectives. Learning objectives are carefully constructed expressions of skills, abilities, and outcomes that students are expected to master upon the completion of their studies. Because objectives are used to measure student mastery of content, it is important they are well-written, clearly defined, and measurable.

Your program coordinator will provide you with a course outline and will inform you whether or not any updates and/or changes need to be made before the course starts. Outline updates can include adjustments to reflect the addition or deletion of material, new book or edition adoptions, grading and evaluation changes, or any adjustment in keeping with the program’s relevancy. Because you have been hired as a content expert your input and suggestions to the course development are always welcome. Feel free to discuss your approach to the course with your program coordinator. He/she will help guide you as to how you can best incorporate your particular skills and recommendations in the course.

If it is deemed necessary to revise course learning objectives it is important you follow a common structure to ensure consistency, measurability, and relevancy. Once your course outline is updated and approved, you will need to start developing lesson plans to help guide each session you have with your students. In order to efficiently and effectively maximize student/teacher contact time you must master excellent time management and planning skills. Lesson plan templates are available to assist with the basic organization and structure of each class.

Lesson Plans
Learning Objectives/Outcomes
Indigenous Content
Universal Design (UID & UDL)