Create a Folder

Video Tutorial


One of the most frequent uses for Blackboard is to hold course material such as handouts and presentations. Depending on how you’d like to organize your course, you can create folders and sub-folders to hold information.

Creating Folders on Blackboard
1. First, you need to access the course content Area. (Click on Course Content)

NOTE: be sure that your edit mode tab is toggled to on. (this is found in the top right of your screen).

NOTE: For this example, we are going to divide the course up into three weeks. You will create a folder for each week that you want to put content into.

2. On the top tool bar, click on “Build content”. And Select “Content Folder”. This will allow you to create “Week One folder”.

3. Give the folder a name (this is required)

4. Leave the standard options as set and click submit.

This folder will show for the entirety of your course.

5. Now create two more folders for week 2 and week 3 using the same method above. NOTE: You can divide your course into modules, weeks or just put the information within the content area.

Instructions - Creating Folder (PDF)