Create an Announcement

Video Tutorial


A. Getting Started

When you first log into your course, you will notice the name of your course in the top left hand corner of your screen followed by a number of links and content areas that you can use to input information. By default the majority of courses will load into the announcements page of the course.

1. In order to edit the information please first ensure that the “Edit Mode” button is toggled on.

B. Creating Announcement
1. To create an announcement, click on the create announcement button in this top bar. Items that are required for this announcement are indicated by an orange asterisk.

2. Type the subject, and if you choose, you can click on this color palette bar on the right hand side.

3. Select the font color you would like to use.

4. Beneath the title you will see the message area, this is where you're going to put the information that you want to give out to your students.

C. Formatting Announcement

1. You are able to manipulate the text in the announcement by highlighting it.

2. You can then select to bold it.

3. Change its font size.

4. Change the style of its text.

D. Inserting Links/Images

1. You can click here to insert a web link.

2. Click here to Insert images or photographs.

3. Or click here to insert other documentation or files.

E. Web Announcement Options
Once you're done with your text, scroll down to find the other options that you must set for this announcement.

By default, the duration of the announcement is not date restricted. This means that this announcement will show in your course for the entirety of the course.

If you wish to date restrict this announcement and perhaps only show it for day or week, you click date restricted and fill in the before and after dates for this announcement.

In this case this is indicating that this announcement will show on April 20th at 11:59 PM and it will stop showing on April 21st at 11:59 PM.

F. Email Announcement

Your next option is to email this announcement. If you want to ensure that your students get this information quickly, you can click here to send a copy of the announcement immediately to the students northern college email address. They will then receive the announcement in their email now and receive the announcement once logged into your course. This is helpful if you want the students to have this information immediately.

G. Adding A Course Link
You can choose to link to an item within your course by clicking on browse underneath the course link location. So for example, if I was putting a reminder for a student upcoming assignment I could:

1. Navigate to the assignments folder within the course.

2. Choose the assignment you want to remind them of.

3. Click “Submit”.

4. You’ll now see that our announcement has been created with the formatted text for the heading in the color pink text that we’ve put in with the changes we created, as well as a course link to Assignment #1.

5. If students click on that link, it will automatically take them to that assignment.

H. Edit or Delete Announcement

1. To edit or delete your announcement, click on the announcements link on the left hand side.

2. Click on the down arrow beside the title.

3. Choose to Edit to make changes or Delete to remove.

Instructions - Create an Announcement (PDF)