Create an Item and a File

Video Tutorial


A. Adding an Item
Click on the “Week One folder”. This will take you inside this folder. You will see a blank canvas. For this example, you will build an “Item”.

1. “ADDING AN ITEM”: Click on Course Content/Build content/Item.

2. Give the item a name, then type any text that you wish your students to read in the text editor. In this example, you’d like the students to review a PowerPoint presentation that you are going to attach for this course.

NOTE: please remember the formatting we reviewed in the first video regarding change colors. You can change the color of the title. You are also able to edit the text. You can also add pictures and or web links (mentioned below).

3. Click on “Browser My Computer” to add an attachment.

4. Choose the file you want to attach, which in this case is the PowerPoint presentation. And then choose open.

You will now see the file is linked to the course

5. The standard option section has several options. “Track number of views”, we will cover more of this in a later video. “Select date and time” if you want your item to show up on a certain date, or for a selected time. For now, we will leave all options at default.

6. Click submit on the bottom right. You now have a lesson (content) inside your week one folder.

So if you go back to course content on the left, you will see the 3 folders you created. And if you click on Week 1 again, you will see the lesson you just created. When a student views the lesson, they will now be able to click on the file. It will then download for the student and open in PowerPoint.

B. The difference between adding a file and adding an item
Files and items are the two most comment types of content that you are going to use.

C. Adding a File

1. So above on page 1, we added an item. Now we will add a File.
Click on Course Content/Build content/File. Creating a file is limited compared to creating an Item. You will notice there is no Text editor allowing you to add a description and information like there was when you attached an Item. You can add a name, and change the title color if you like and add an attachment.

2. To add an attachment, click on Browse My Computer”. Then choose your file and open.

3. There are a couple of other options available when you create a file. Let’s leave everything as default for now. Then click on submit on the bottom right.

NOTE: When you click submit, you will notice under Week 1 a couple of differences in the file and the item. First Difference: Top item: the icon shows a piece of paper with a picture and some lines for text. Bottom File: the icon is just a paper with lines of text.

Second Difference : Top Item: the name, is not clickable. All they can do is click on the attachment added in the Item. Bottom File: the name is clickable.

Again, to go back, you can either click on “Course Content” on the left. Or click at the top left.

Instructions - Create an Item and a File (PDF)