Create Contact Information

Video Tutorial


A. Create Contact

1. To include staff contact information, click on the “Contacts” link on the left, then click on “Create Contact”.

B. Input Contact Information
1. Enter the relevant information that you would like the students to have.

2. Make sure that you are entering the information that is required indicated by the orange asterisks.

3. You can enter office location, the office hours that you work, or any notes that you wish the students to see. This note section is particularly helpful if you are a part time instructor who may not have on campus office hours.

C. Make Profile Visible/Hidden

1. At the bottom of the page, you will see the options for your contact information. By default, the profile is not available for the students to see. Change this to “Yes” if you would like your students to see this information.

D. Add Profile Photo
If you would like to attach an image for your contact information click “Browse” and find the picture that you wish to upload. Please note that pictures in this section should be no more than 150 by 150 pixels. When you are done, hit “Submit”.

E. Review/Confirm
You will now see that you have created your contact information along with your picture for the students to see.

Instructions - Creating Contact Information (PDF)