Creating Blackboard Collaborate Sessions

To create sessions, first navigate to the Blackboard Collaborate webpage. Go to and click on the LIT link.

Enter in your credentials provided by the IT department. Your username and password aren’t necessarily the same as the username and password for Blackboard Learn. This login is created separately and must be obtained from the IT department before your start.

When you’ve entered your credentials, click log in. When Blackboard Collaborate first loads, by default, it loads to the session screen.


To create you first session, click on the Create Session button.


If you want to book this session every Monday at the same time for the remainder of the semester, check the box next to Repeat Session.

Then you have the option of the following below. Because it’s a weekly class, you will choose Repeat Weekly.

Then it will ask you if you want to repeat every week, every 2 weeks etc. Leave it on every week.

By default, you can see Monday is selected in green because this is the date of your first session. If you had this particular class on two days of the week at the exact same time, you could select another day and Blackboard Collaborate would create a reoccurring session every Monday and whatever other day you choose.

Now you need to tell Collaborate how many times you want these sessions to occur. You can end after a certain amount of occurrences or end on a specific date.

Early Entry time allows your participants and yourself to enter your session 15 mins early to the start time. This is the default. You can change it for no early entry or allow other enter times up to one hour before.

When you are finished, click on the Create button, bottom right.

At this point, you have created your session, however, you need to go and copy the guest link and post that into Blackboard Learn. This way, students can click on the link and your join your session/s on time for class.

As soon as you create your session, Blackboard Collaborate will send you an email detailing the session you just created. It lets you know your session name, start and ends times of the session, and if it repeats, how often it repeats and when it will run until.

This email also provides you with a link that you can use to join your Blackboard Collaborate session indicated here by your link:

Also the link that the guests will use to access your session.

NOTE: because of how easy it is to mix up these two links, Your link and Guest link, it’s recommended you grab the guest link from the Blackboard Collaborate page. Navigate back to your collaborate page. Close the right hand window that was open to create the session.

This returns you back to the Collaborate default page on sessions. Now you can see you created a session “Intro to Computers” and it’s reoccurring.

If you click on the down arrow on the right of the session, it’s going to show you all of the occurrences for this class.


To grab the guest link, click on the 3 dots next to the up arrow.

Then click on the Copy guest link at the bottom.

This automatically copies the link to the clipboard so you can then go post this link anywhere you choose in Blackboard Learn for the students to access.

NOTE: for reoccurring sessions such as this one, the link is the exact same for every session that you have created. Therefore, you only need to click on and copy the guest link once. Then paste that into Blackboard Learn. The students would navigate to that link for every class for the semester and click on that link.


When it’s time for you to enter your session, all you need to do is click on the circle, then choose, join session. You can also join the session from Your link within the email.

Introduction - Creating Blackboard Collaborate Sessions (PDF Version)