Creating Columns in Grade Centre

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Creating Columns In Grade Center
You’re going to learn how to create columns manually within the grade center. As indicated in previous video, numerical columns are created automatically, anytime that you create a graded activity within your course, but we can also create columns manually.

You can create a regular column designed to allow you to input a student's grade for an assignment, or you can create a calculated column which could be an Average Column, Minimum/Maximum Column, Total Column, or a Weighted Column.

Create a Regular Column

For the first example, create a regular column.

1. Click on Create Column.

2. Call this “Hand in Assignment”.

3. For the Primary Display, you want it to be a score and the secondary display is going to be percentage.

4. For this particular column that you’re creating, because you’ve given the students an assignment that they've handed in on paper, that assignment that you gave them is worth 30 marks.

5. If you wanted, you could include a due date.

6. Leave the rest of the settings as default.

7. Hit Submit.

8. The column that you just created goes to the end of your grade center.

9. This column is now ready for you to input the students grades for the assignment. To do this, you just click on the two dashes and type in the mark that the student received and hit enter.

10. It automatically displays the score, as was requested for primary display and then the percentage for that assignment.

Creating a Calculated Column

Another type of column that you can create is a Calculated Column. Calculated column combines data from multiple columns to attain performance results.

1. In this example, we're going to create a total weighted column by clicking on Create Calculated Column, and then clicking on Weighted Column.

This can be useful when trying to figure out your students final grades as typically assignments are worth a certain percentage, tests are worth a certain percentage, and participation may be worth a certain amount. So, we're going to create one weighted column that's going to take into consideration all of those types of activities and give the student a final grade.

2. You call this column “Final Grade”.

3. In this case, you can leave the primary display as a percentage.

4. When you scroll down, you'll see the difference with creating a calculated column.

This isn't a column that you’re going to manually input information into, this is a column that you want Blackboard to take information from existing columns within this course.

5. On the left hand side, you will see a list of all of the columns that are already created in your grade center.

6. In order to include them in the weighted total column, you simply highlight them and click this over arrow to move them over to the right hand side.

7. You can do this with every column that you want to include for the students final grade.

8. Once you've moved over all of the columns that you want to use in the student's final grade, you need to go and assign a percent value to those columns so that the total weight equals 100%. You’re simply entering in a percent value for each column.

9. You need to ensure that it totals to 100%.

10. The option underneath this section is to calculate these grades as a Running Total. A Running Total means Blackboard will combine the information from these columns that you have indicated, however it exempts any cells that does not have data. If you select no to calculate as a running total then it will automatically assign a value of 0 to any cells that don't have data in it.

11. In this example we are going to leave the other options as default.

12. Click Submit.

13. Go to the end of your grade center and here's your final grade for your students.

14. As indicated in a previous document, by default Blackboard creates a Weighted Total column as part of the standard course creation.

15. Instead of creating a new column, if you simply wish to edit this one you can click the down arrow beside the title and click Edit Column Information.

16. From here, you can then change the column name.

And then go through and do the exact same process that you just did in creating a new column, and click Submit.

Instructions - Creating Columns In Grade Center (PDF)