Edit Existing Content

Video Tutorial


Editing information within an existing course
If your course that you have been attached to as an instructor already has information within it, you’re going to need to go through and edit dates and potentially, information for your students.

1. To do so, go to the title (name) of the item in question and click on the down arrow. Notice the different options available:

• You can immediately make the file/course unavailable.
• You can delete it.

In this example, click Edit.

Clicking on edit takes you back into the area where you created the item the first time. It allows you to change the title, colors, attach, amend or delete any text within the text editor. As well as change your options further down.

2. You can also delete the attachment. To do so, click on “unmark for removal” on the right.

3. Then browse your computer for the new attachment and add. Note: the file for removal and the new file to replace it.

4. Now click submit.

You will now see that the item attached, has changed to the new one.

Instructions - Editing Existing Information (PDF)