Editing a Course Menu

Video Tutorial


A. Adding Menu Items

1. To add new menu items to options, click on the plus button in the top left hand corner.

Here you will see I have eight options available to me.

B. Selecting Menu Items

Creating a Content Area, a Module Page, or Blank Page, uses all of the same steps.

1. I'm going to click on what I would like to create.

2. Give it a name.

3. You'll notice here it asks if I want this to be available to users, by default when I create a new link it is not available to users.

4. If I want it to be available, I simply click here.

5. Click “Submit”.

My new item automatically goes to the bottom of the list, you’ll see I've now created a new item called Tests.

6. Click it and you'll see that it mimics the course content area that we already have built in our course.

C. Adding A Tool Link

The other thing that I can do is insert a Tool Link and a Tool Link is a menu item that links users to a specific blackboard tool.

1. Click on Tool Link.

2. Before I give it a name I'd like to show you your options, click the dropdown arrow under “Type:”

These are all of the different tools available within the blackboard course for you to use.

Some of them are already on our list, for example announcements. Other common ones are Discussion Board tools, Group tools, Journal tools, etc.

3. So for this example, I'm going to create a discussion board.

4. Give it a name and make it available to users.

5. Click “Submit”.

6. This Discussion board now again falls to the bottom of the list.

7. Go inside this new tool, you'll see that my menu options are a little bit different and in this case what I can do is Create a new Forum.

D. Adding A Web Link

Next menu item I'm going to include is a Web Link.

1. Click Web Link and give it a name.

2. For this example I want the students to navigate to the Northern College website, so I'm going to copy the URL.

3. Paste it here in this URL spot.

4. Make it available to users and click “Submit”.

5. When I click on this item now, it will automatically open up the Northern College web page.

E. Adding A Course Link

1. I can also create a Course Link, which links the users to a specific spot within my course that I would like them to go to.

2. We're going to choose Browse.

3. In this instance, I want to link the students to the “Assignment #1” that we created earlier.

4. When I do that, it automatically puts in the name of “Assignment #1”. I’m going to make it available to users and click “Submit”.

5. If I click on this link…

6. …it automatically takes me inside that “Assignment #1”.

F. Adding Sub-Headers and Dividers

The last two menu options that you can create are ways to help you organize your menu items. You can create a sub-header and create dividers.

1. For this example I'm going to take the option Tests and I’m going to move it up here with my Assignments.

2. Click the + sign and create a Subheader.

2. I'm going to call this Subheader “Evaluations”.

3. Move Evaluations up to be with Assignments and Tests.

4. Then I'm going to create a couple of Dividers, click Dividers twice.

5. Drag those up to above and below my evaluation.

Now when I tell students to go into the attention section of their menu items, they will see these two options here.

Instructions - Editing a Course Menu (PDF)