Embedding YouTube Videos

Video Tutorial


A. How to Include a Mashup

A “Mashup” is a feature in Blackboard that allows for the viewing and sharing of media content from external websites.
For this example, you will start in Week 3.

1. Click on “Build Content/Mashups/YouTube Video”.

2. Rather than opening a new tab and loading YouTube to find a video you want, like you did in previous demonstrations. You simply just need to put the name of the video in the search bar seen below. Then click go.

3. Your search will return a number of videos. Simply scroll through and choose the video you were looking for by clicking on “Select”.

As you can see, by default, it puts the name of the video. It also allows you to change the color of the title if you want it to stand out more.

4. You can add a description as well in this section below.

5. Under “Mashup Option/View”, you have three options: Thumbnail, Text Link with Player and Embed Video. For this example, we will leave it at thumbnail. But please try the other two options.

6. If you’d like to show the URL (which is the address of the video), you would change this to yes. Otherwise, leave it to the default of no.

If you want to show the YouTube information, the default is yes. If you do not want to show it, change the option to no.

7. A “Mashups” also allows you to “Attach a Document” much like we did in previous examples when you were building content. Simply browse your computer and find the file you’d like to attach.

8. The “Standard Options”, you can leave set to default.

At this point, you can click preview beforehand if you’d like to see how this item will look. When you are done, Click Submit.

Your video now shows up directly in Blackboard as a thumbnail. Students can click “Watch Video”.

And it opens directly in Blackboard without opening a new window.

“Mashup Options” are also available for Flickr Photo, SlideShare Presentation, and Blackboard Open Content. But for the most part, you will be using YouTube Video.

“Mashups” can be used in various ways.
• As a stand-alone object like you just did above
• They can also be included as part of a test question, within your assignment. Or even within a discussion board thread that you have created.

Instructions - Embedding YouTube Videos (PDF)