Grade Centre Organization

Video Tutorial


Grade Center Columns

1. First, navigate to and click on Grade Center underneath the Course Management menu.

2. Click on Full Grade Center.

Automatically Created Columns In Grade Center
Grade Center automatically has six different columns that are related to students and student’s activity.

The first two are students Last Name and First Name. It also holds the student’s Username and Student ID and the last time they accessed this course on Blackboard, and the students account availability.

Those columns come with every course that is created. The next two columns are calculated columns that both are created automatically with your course. The first one is a Total column, which simply adds up all of the columns in your Grade Center.

And a Weighted Total Column. This Weighted Total column you will use to calculate your students final grade at the end of the semester.

The rest of the columns that show in grade center, are columns that have been automatically created each time you create an assessment type of activity. So for example a test, a survey, an assignment, a graded discussion board or blog; as soon as you create those evaluations within Blackboard, it automatically creates a corresponding column in your Grade Center.

Organizing Columns

Behind the scenes of your Grade Center.

1. On the top toolbar, if you click Manage and scroll down and click on Column Organization.

It will give you a sort of behind the scenes look at what your Grade Center is.

This top section holds those six columns that hold the student information.

The last name and first name are greyed out in the background, and this is because those two columns are frozen. As you scroll through the Grade Center, those two columns remain static so you always know which student’s assignment or test you are looking at.

2. If you would like extra information to remain frozen as you're scrolling through the Grade Center, you simply hold your mouse over the 4-headed arrow.

3. Click and drag it up above this grey bar.

Now when you go through your Grade Center, Last Name, First Name, and the students Username will remain frozen on the left hand side. The bottom section holds all of the numerical based columns that are in your Blackboard.

Total and Weighted total, which are created automatically, and then the list of all of the other columns that were created as you were creating tests and assignments. By default when you create a test or an assignment or graded activity, the column automatically falls at the bottom of the grade center.

4. But if you wanted this last column, Variable Question Test, to show at the beginning of your Grade Center, you simply again click on the four headed arrow and drag it up to the beginning.

5. Click Submit.

You now see that after Total and Weighted Total, the next column is the Variable Question Column that was just moved. You'll also notice that you now have three frozen rows at the beginning of your Grade Center.

Hide Columns
Another thing that you can do with your columns is to hide them or show them, and you can hide them from both students and from yourself.

1. If you didn't want students to see their mark in the Assignment #1 column, beside the title you can click the down arrow.

2. Scroll to and click Hide From Students ON/OFF.

3. That then puts this black circle with the red line through it indicating that this column is no longer visible to the students.

If you didn't want to see a column in your Grade Center anymore, for example this duplicate Assignment #1.

4. You can click on the down arrow beside the title and choose the bottom option Hide from Instructor View.

5. You can also go back to Manage. Then...

6. Column Organization.

7. Now scroll to and select that second assignment column'

8. Click Show/Hide.

9. Then at this point if you choose Hide Selected Column.

It's greyed out, indicating that it's hidden.

10. Once you hit submit...

11. You'll now see that that column is no longer visible to you.

Naming a Column
As the columns in your Grade Center are automatically created, they simply take on the name of the test or assignment or graded activity that you have created.

1. If you wanted to change the name for the column, you simply click the down arrow and choose Edit Column Information.

This particular column is attached to a test called test generator example test.

2. If you wanted to rename this in Grade Center you could just type “test 1”.

3. Click Submit. This column now is still associated with the test generator test, but it's now been renamed to test 1.

Delete a Column

For columns that are not attached to active tests and graded activities you have the ability to delete them from your Grade Center.

1. Click the down arrow beside the title of the column.

2. And choose Delete Column at the bottom.

3. It’s going to ask if you're sure you'd like to do this as the action is final and cannot be undone, simply click OK. And you will see that that column is now gone.

However, you'll notice if a column is attached with the current test or assignment when you click the down arrow, you do not have the option to delete.

In order to delete this column from Grade Center, you would need to go and delete the assignment or test within the course and then it will delete the column with in Grade Center.

Find Out Information About Your Column

1. In order to quickly review the information about a particular column, click on the down arrow beside the title and choose Quick Column Information.

2. This will quickly tell us:
• The name of the assignment that it's attached to.
• That the primary display for this particular column is a score. It could also be set as a percentage.
• That it’s attached in an assignment category.
• The assignment is worth 50 possible points.
• It’s not an external grade(which means it’s not being populated from an assignment outside of Blackboard).
• It tells us the due date of the assignment.
• It indicates that it is included in the student’s final calculations.

3. When you’re done reviewing this information, you simply click Close Menu. Those are just some quick tips and tricks to help organize your grade center to make it more personalized for how you would like to use it.

Instructions - Grade Center Organization (PDF)