How to Set Up LockDown Browser

Video Tutorial


Add the Lockdown Browser Tool

To use Lockdown Browser with any of your tests within your Blackboard course, we must first ensure that the tool is available for use.

1. Under the Course Management menu, click on Customization. Then click Took Availability.

2. Scroll halfway down the list to the “R’s” until you find Respondus Lockdown Browser, then put a check mark in the box beside the title.

3. Click Submit.

Access the Lockdown Browser Tool
We have now made this tool available in our Course Management menu underneath Course Tools, you will only ever need to do this process once for each course that you teach in.

Once this tool is available, we can click on it and it will bring you to the Respondus Lockdown Browser dashboard.

Within this dashboard, you will see every test that you have created in this course. It indicates to you whether Respondus Lockdown Browser is required or not required.

Attach A Test

1. To attach a test to Lockdown Browser, simply click the down arrow.

2. Choose settings.

3. Select “Require Respondus Lockdown Browser for this exam”.

4. From here, you have the ability to enter a password for the test.

5. Under the Advanced Settings tab, there are a few more options to help you set Respondus Lockdown Browser.

The first option is to lock students into the browser until the exam is complete. If you need an explanation, hover your mouse over the word “explain”, and it will provide you with instructions for use.

Lock Students Into Browser until Exam Is Completed:
Typically, we do not use this option when setting our tests. If we lock the students into the browser during a test and they experience any technical issues with their laptop, it is more difficult for the IT department to come and troubleshoot the issue and return the student successfully to their test. With this option off, students are still unable to exit your test without providing a written reason as to why they would be closing the browser. This reason then shows up in your dashboard to indicate that a student has left your test, what time they left the test, and what written reason they have given. This allows the IT Department to indicate a reason in this area, (for example there was a network issue, IT had to close, etc.) then close the browser to fix the students laptop and return the student to the test where they left off.

Allow Students To Take This Exam with an iPad:
Northern College does not support the use of iPads and tablets within the class and therefore this option would never be selected.

Allow Access To Specific External Web Domains:
You can tell Lockdown Browser that during your test, as part of a question, students are allowed to navigate to additional websites, this could be for information purposes to answer question or to access an online textbook.

Once the students navigate away from your test to this external web domain, those web pages are automatically locked down so that they cannot navigate anywhere else other than in their test, the only thing they can do is read the information on the screen and return back to their test.

Enable a Calculator
Enable a calculator for use in the Respondus Lockdown Browser toolbar, either a standard Calculator or a scientific Calculator, so that your students do not have to bring any extra equipment to class.

Enable Printing from the Toolbar
This allows the student to print their test.

6. When you are done, click Save + Close.

You will see the test title also now has the heading “Requires Respondus Lockdown Browser” and it is indicated as required within the dashboard.

When students start your test, they will be unable to access your test in any other browser other than Respondus Lockdown Browser. When setting your test for use with Respondus Lockdown Browser, whether or not you indicated the password in this area, there will be a password put into the test settings.

7. So now I navigate back to my test.

8. Click the down arrow.

9. Click “Edit the Test Options”.

10. Scroll down to where you can set a password for this test.

You will notice that there is a long randomly generated password in this area. You cannot delete this password. Do not provide it to any students, as this password is simply necessary to tell Blackboard that this test has been attached to Respondus Lockdown Browser. The password that you are going to give out to your students is the password that you set within that dashboard.

Instructions - How to Set Up LockDown Browser (PDF)