Importing/Exporting Tests, Surveys & Pools

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Importing/Exporting Tests, Surveys & Pools

We are going to look at how to export and import tests, surveys, and pools from your course. This can be useful when you want to copy a test from one of your courses to another or if you would like to share a copy of your test survey or poll with another faculty member. In this example I'm going to refer to how to export and import a test, but the process is exactly the same for importing and exporting a survey and a poll.

1. The first thing you need to do is go into the Blackboard course that holds the test that you would like to export.

2. Underneath the Course Management toolbar, click on Course Tools.

3. Then click on Tests, Surveys and Pools.

4. For this example, go into go into Tests. Here we have listed every test that is in this course.

5. To export the test, I simply click on the down arrow and choose Export.

6. This will now create a zip file that can be imported into another Blackboard course.

By default, this file will be downloaded to your Downloads folder within Windows.

7. To find the file, simply open your files folder.

8. Navigate to the Downloads folder.

If you search by Date Modified, the last thing that you do will show up at the very top.

Here's the test that we just exported from our Blackboard course:

9. To import the test that you just exported into another course, simply choose a different course where you want the test to go.

10. The again navigate to the Course Management menu under Course Tools and Tests, Surveys, and Pools.

11. Click on Tests, and this time you’re going to click on the button that says Import Test.

12. Choose Browse My Computer.

In the Downloads folder, you will find the test file that you just exported from your previous course.

11. Choose it, click Open.

12. Once it's attached, choose Submit. We have now completed the import of the test and a message indicates that there were no errors.

13. Click OK on the bottom right hand corner.

14. As the tests are listed alphabetically, scroll halfway down and you will see the lockdown browser test that you just exported from our previous course has now been imported into this course. As you can see, the test has not yet been deployed anywhere within the course but is there and available for you to do so wherever you choose to put the test.

Instructions - Importing Exporting Tests, Surveys & Pools (PDF)