Inserting an Image and Web Link

Video Tutorial


A. Including a picture in the text area under Item
In the course content area, under Build Content. Item, File and Content Folders are the three main options you will use the most. There are times when you may want to add a picture or link to an Item.

1. Access your content area. Then click on “Build Content/ Item”.

2. Enter a name for your item.

3. In the text area, type a title for the image you are going to add. Then click on the “Insert Image Button”.

4. The following window appears. Note: that the Image URL is required. Click “Browse My Computer” and find the image you want to include.

5. Once you have attached your image, it is good practice to include an image description.

6. Then click insert over to the right. You will see that the image is now included in the text area of your item.

7. Leave everything else as default and click submit at the bottom right.

Now in your list of content you have your Heart Anatomy with your image of the heart labeled.

B. Including a web link when creating a new item
1. First step you want to do is load the webpage you want to link in your item for the students to read. Highlight the URL at the top. Then right click/copy.

2. Now go back to Blackboard/Course Content/Build Content/ Item. Name the item. Then in the text area, type in the name you want to highlight.

3. Once you highlight the text, you will notice that the “Insert Link Button” becomes available for use.

4. Now you now need to insert the link in the link path below. Blackboard doesn’t like right click, pastes. Instead, use the ctrl key on your keyboard and the letter v at the same time to paste in the link path. Make sure you click in the link path box first.

5. Next, in the Target box, you’ll notice it says “Open in this Window/Frame”. We want that to change.

6. Click on the down arrow and choose “Open in New Window (_Blank).

7. Then click insert on the right.

You’ll notice that your text has been colored and underlined indicating that it is now a hyperlink.

8. Leave all other options as default in your new Item and click submit. If you scroll down, you will see your latest Item added and right under it, is the web link you created.

9. If you click on the link, the document will open in a new window for your students to navigate to and read. NOTE: there are other options to allow you to insert Images and Links under Build Content. We will get to those in other videos.

Instructions - Inserting an Image and Web Link (PDF)