Inserting Images into Your Course Content

Video Tutorial


A. Insert an image as a standalone object

In a past video on adding content/images, you learned how to add an image as part of the text box, for an item you created. Now you will create a standalone image as an object.
First make sure that your edit mode is toggled to on.

For this example, you are going to go to “Course Content/Week 2”.

1. Click on” Build Content/Image”.

2. Give the “Image” a name. Then choose “Browse My Computer” to find your image.

3. Then click open.

NOTE: you’ll now see that the image you selected is attached to this item.

4. You can add alternative text for your images in the alt text box below if you choose. As well as include a long description for individuals who may not be able to see the image clearly.

5. Under image options, you are going to keep the dimensions of the image in its original format. However, you can change the format if you like by choosing format and setting the width and height of the image in pixels. NOTE: Please remember that you should give your image original ratios so it doesn’t look odd.

6. You can also add a border to your images. The numbers indicate the thickness. Let’s choose 4 for this example.

7. You can also have your image target a URL.

So for example, if you wanted your image to take the students to a webpage that describes what the image is, you would navigate to the webpage and copy the link.

Then go back to your Blackboard course and Ctrl/V (paste) the URL in the Image Target URL box.

8. You can leave everything else to default.

9. Then submit (You could hit preview beforehand; to see what it’s going to look like). NOTE: You can now see you have created your image file. You can see the image title/name and the image. You will notice when you put your cursor over it, the cursor becomes a hand. Indicating that this item is clickable. You can then click on it and it will take you to the webpage in a new window.

Also notice that the image has a black border around it which we picked when we were setting the parameters of the image.

10. If you need to make changes to your image, click the down button beside the image on the right.

11. Then click on “Overwrite File” (if you want to replace the file with a new one). Or click on “Edit Settings” if you want to edit any of the image settings.

12. You can also click on the title of your image near the top, and choose edit to change any of your settings.

Instructions - Embedding Images (PDF)