Inserting Web Links into Your Course Content

Video Tutorial


A. Adding a web link as an Item

1. Click on your Week 2 folder.

2. Click on” Build Content/Web link”.

3. Give the “Web Link” a name. Then we need to paste the website you want to add in the URL box.

4. Open up the webpage you want the students to navigate too. Then copy the address in the top bar.

6. Return to your Blackboard and paste the address in the URL area.

7. Enter a description for this item.

8. You are also able to add a related attachment if you choose by clicking on “Browse My Computer” and finding the document to attach. We won’t attached anything in this example.

9. Open in new window defaults to yes, so let’s leave it as is.

10. Leave standard options at default as well.

11. Click submit.

The icon now shows you that this is a web link. When the students mouse over the name, it becomes a clickable item. Clicking on the link automatically opens up the math help page in a new window.

B. Adding a Web Link Directly in Your Text Editor

NOTE: as reminder from a previous video, you are able to insert a web link from inside your text editor.

1. Highlight the text you want to create a web link with. The “Insert/Edit” link button will now appear to allow you to add the website you want linked.

2. Paste the URL (website) in the link path box.

3. When you add a link this way you need to make sure you change your target to open in a new window.

4. Then click insert.

5. Now submit.

NOTE: You will see for this last item we edited, you can still click on the math online help in the title. But you also click on the link available in the text area.

Instructions - Embedding Web Links (PDF)