Introduction to Random Blocks & Question Sets

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Introduction to Random Blocks and Question Sets

What is a Question Set?
• A question set is a collection of questions drawn from selected tests and pools in your Blackboard Course.
• You choose how many questions you want in that set.
• The questions are randomly chosen each time a student takes the test.

What is a Random Block?
Random blocks select questions at random to be presented each time the test is taken. Random blocks draw questions from pools only. You can use more than one pool to draw your questions from.

What is the Difference?
Though both Question sets and Random blocks deliver questions randomly to students, they two features have distinct differences:

Random Blocks: Draw questions from pool only. So you can’t include questions from other tests or surveys.
Question Sets: Allow you to manually choose questions from all tests, surveys and pools.

Random Blocks: You can filter questions based on question type only but you cannot search or browse for metadata when you create random blocks.
Question Sets: You can filter based on question type and also search questions and browse metadata to create question sets.

Random Blocks: You can’t delete questions within a random block. If you don’t want a question included in your Random block, remove it from the pool.
Question Sets: You can delete questions in a question set. The question is removed from the set, but not deleted from your course.

Both Random blocksand Question sets are assigned the same point value for each question and questions are linked to the original. So if you edit the question in the set or the block, you edit the original questions.

Instructions - Introduction to Random Blocks and Question Sets (PDF)