Learning Management System and Master Course Guideline

login blackgoardThe College’s LMS is a platform that enables communication and sharing of resources between faculty and students. Courses designed for ease of use and driven by the Course Outline will enhance learner’s experiences, stimulate discussion, and promote creativity by enabling students to access essential learning materials in a flexible learning environment.

Where feasible, a copy of every course will be created and maintained to serve as a master course copy on the LMS. The master course should be independent of an academic semester. This master course may serve as a template for all course sections or be provided to new or additional full-time and part-time faculty assigned to teach the course

An exemplary course on the College’s Blackboard systems will contain:

  • Professor and instructor contact information including information on the preferred method of electronic communication and intended response time to email or texts.
  • The approved course outline and course section information (CSI) for the academic semester.
  • Information regarding the textbook to be used and online websites or other resources that are available.
  • A Getting Started folder or module to inform students how the course LMS website will be used, and how to find technical or learning supports as necessary.
  • Course notes, materials, PowerPoint presentations or other printed or digital resources required by students to be successful in the course.
  • Access to online quizzes, tests, or exams linked to the LMS’s Grade Centre where appropriate to do so.
  • Lab notes and information required for the set up and completion of lab exercises or hands on learning activities.
  • A digital copy of the student manual or any course related learning materials that are intended to be provided to students.
  • Student engagement tips (examples)
  • Setup that allows for the acceptance of student assignments and project submissions where applicable and practical.
  • Use of the Grade Centre to provide students information on course progress and grades associated with assignments, quizzes, test and projects.

Courses made available for contract training, distance education or for use in international programing should adhere to the above listed format and should contain a document detailing methods to engage students on certain topics, discussion board examples, and examples of interactive learning activities.

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