LockDown Browser – Checking the Dashboard

Video Tutorial


Accessing Dashboard and Viewing Results

While your students are completing the test with Respondus Lockdown Browser, and after the students are done, you can navigate to the Respondus Lockdown Browser Dashboard.

1. Click Respondus Lockdown Browser.

This dashboard will allow you to check for any early exits that may have happened during your test.

2. Click the down arrow.

I see I have an option that says “Review Early Exits" and I also have a number one in an orange circle indicating to me that there was one early exit during this test.

3. Click “Review Early Exits”.
“Kelly student on June 15th at 10:00 AM exited the lock down browser early and the reason stated: Internet disconnected, going to help the student - T Francoeur IT Timmins “

For this student the IT department came in and exited the browser, indicated the reason why, fixed the issue, and got the student back into the test. If your test is being taken in the classroom setting, the faculty would be aware that IT was in here and this would simply be a reminder that we came in and exited the test. Any attempt at academic dishonesty on the students part but also be indicated here. The students could receive a warning if they are attempting to navigate away from the test, or in the worst-case scenario, students would be ejected from the test and lockdown browser would state that the students test was terminated early.

4. Once all the tests are complete, you can navigate to your Grade Center to see how your students did on their test.

Instructions - Checking the Dashboard for LDB (PDF)