Preview Your Course as a Student

Video Tutorial


A. How To Preview Your Course As A Student

As you make changes to your course, you may occasionally want to preview your course as a student would see it so that you can make sure you have hidden what you want to have hidden, and you have shown what you'd like to have shown.

There are two ways to do this:

1. The first way, is simply by toggling the “Edit Mode” to OFF.

Doing this still allows you to see the Course Management menu at the bottom, which is specific only to faculty…

…but hides all of the links in the top course menu bar that students should not be seeing.

2. The other way to get an exact view of what the students will be looking at, is to click on this little button that looks like an eye and it will say “Enter Student Preview”.

When I do that, I see the course exactly as the student sees it.

I do not have Course Management menu toolbar at the bottom, I simply have the course menu options at the top that I have allowed the students to see. Now, you can then click into every tab and see the information that the students are meant to see. When you are ready to leave this view, simply go and click “Exit Preview”.

Instructions - Preview Your Course as a Student (PDF)