Respondus LockDown Browser – Student Perspective

Video Tutorial


In order for students to download RLDB, they first go to Click on IT Resources & Services.

Then scroll down to where it says Respondus.

When they click on the link, it will bring them to the following webpage where they can click Install now.

NOTE: Students must navigate to the Mynorthern webpage in order to get Respondus Lockdown Browser that is associated with Northern College blackboard.

Using LockDown Browser
In order to use RLDB, to complete one of your tests, you will click the Lockdown Browser icon on your desktop once it’s installed.

If they have any applications open that RLDB doesn’t allow to run, it will appear in a window like below. Simply click on Close Process for RLDB to close the programs for you.

Once all the programs are closed, RLDB will bring you to the Blackboard page where the students can sign in with their credentials. They can then navigate to the correct course and go to the link for the test wherever you have put it.

Once they click on the link, it will pull up any instructions that you have indicated. The student can click the Begin button to start the test.

In the previous example, you had put in a password for the exam. The student would type that password in here, then click Begin Exam.

You’ll notice in RLDB, that the top tool bar is very limited to what you would normally see in a browser.

There is an x button for the students to close the browser. A refresh button, an information button, an about button, a calculator button (as you enabled it within the respondus dashboard settings.)

Students can then answer their questions normally like they would in any Blackboard test.

For this question, click on the calculator to help you solve it.

Once done, close the calculator and choose your answer (9). In the 2nd example, there is a link provided to Wikipedia site. Clicking on that link will open the site in a new tab. Once on this page, students can scroll up and down on this page. However, they are not able to click on any links that will navigate them away from that page. If they did click on any of those page links, they would see the following error message at the top:

Notice there is also no address bar at the top of the browser so students can’t load another page. They only thing a student can do is read what is on the page. When the student is done reading the site, they close the page with the x button and navigate back to their test. Click Save Answer.

If the student clicks on the x button on the test page, they will receive the following error.

If they choose to close the browser anyways, it will ask for a reason.

This would only be used if the student had a technical issue during the test, that IT needed to come in and fix. The IT department would then enter a message here indicating why the browser needed to be closed and what the issue was. So when Faculty returns to your RLDB Dashboard, you would see an early exit for the student with the reason of what happened. Otherwise, click Return to Exam to complete the test. When the student has completed the test, they will click Save and Submit.

Then click OK.

The student has now taken the test with Responds LockDown Browser. They can click OK on the bottom right.

They can now close the Browser and resume normal operation.

Instructions - Respondus LockDown Browser: Student Perspective (PDF)