Why Use Rubrics?
Rubrics are important tools for both teaching and assessing our students. Rubrics allow teachers to show their students their expectations in a clear and concise manner, which leads to improved student performance. Rubrics also support students by providing a template for them to gauge their progress in class, and quality of their work before submitting it. Rubrics allow teachers to move towards more authentic, performance-based assessments.

How do Rubrics help?
Rubrics are multidimensional sets of scoring guidelines that can be used to provide consistency in evaluating student work. They spell out scoring criteria so that multiple teachers, using the same rubric for a student’s essay, for example, would arrive at the same score or grade. Rubrics are used from the initiation to the completion of a student project. They provide a measurement system for specific tasks and are tailored to each project, so as the projects become more complex, so do the rubrics. Click here to view the full article by Edutopia.

Rubric Resources
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