Step 1 – Creating a Test

Video Tutorial

Creating a Test in Blackboard

Creating a test in Blackboard is a three step process.

STEP ONE: Create Test Shell
For this example, we are going to create a test and populate it with a few questions right from within Blackboard. (Additional videos on how to use Northern’s Test Generator and how to create test questions from pools and existing tests will be detailed later on). In order to start creating our test, scroll down under Course Management Menu. Choose Course Tools. Then click on Test, Surveys and Pools.


Once there click on Tests.

Then click on Build Test.

Once there, you’re going to give the test a name.


You can add a description for the test as well.

And if you have instructions that you would like to include.

Don’t worry if you want to go back and add or change information in here, because you can edit this at any time. Then click submit.

Instructions - STEP 1: Creating a Test (PDF)