Step 3 – Deploy the Test and Set All Test Parameters including Setting Test Exceptions for Students Requiring Accommodations

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Deploy the Test and Set All Test Parameters

Once you have clicked the OKbutton, you will see this screen, indicating to you that you have created Test #1, called “How To”…

…but it is not currently deployed anywhere in your course.

In order to do that you need to select an area within your course that you would like this test to show for the students. In this course, we built in earlier videos a test link on the left hand side, so I'm going to choose to deploy my test in this area.

1. Click on Tests.

2. Click Assessments.

3. Then Test.

At this step you'll see the test that you created, indicated right here.

4. Click it to highlight it.

5. And click Submit.

A. Test Information
So you'll see your test name indicated, and again if you wanted to change this you could highlight it and change it now.

We indicated the description earlier on, we could also edit that here.

B. Test Description Display Options
There are options as to whether or not you want to show the test description to students before they begin the test.

So when they first load it up, before they get in to see the questions, if you select this it’s going to give that description right then.

It will provide these instructions to the students that “you have 10 minutes to complete this test”, and if you wanted them to see that before you let them into the test you could also do that. The next option for all of your tests is whether or not you want this test to open in a new window that's completely up to you it's whatever you decide.

C. Test Availability
Under Test Availability, by default, Blackboard has indicated “NO”.

What this means is that when you create your test it automatically stays hidden from the students until you actively go and make it available.

2. It asks if you'd like to create a new announcement for this test, I'm going to leave that at the default of “No”.

If I wanted the users to have more than one attempt for this test I could select multiple attempts and then enter the number of attempts but I only want them to have one.

D. Forced Completion
Forced Completion is an option that you should never use.

What happens when you select Force Completion, is it sort of locks student into the test and if anything were to happen like their Wi-Fi bumped or their computer froze, anything at all, then that test is automatically submitted as soon as that happens. So whether the student is on question 1 or question 50, their test is automatically submitted and they are done.

E. Setting a Test Timer
We can set a timer for our test if you’re very particular about the amount of time that I want the students to spend on the test.

1. I'm going to select “Set Timer” and I'm going to put a time limit of 10 minutes as I indicated in the instructions.

The next option is whether or not to use an Auto-Submission.

If you leave it to “OFF”, the time rule will countdown for the students in the test. At the end of 10 minutes, it's going to go past the timer and indicate to the student that they are over the amount of time allowed, and it will indicate to you in your grade center when you go look at that test, that this student took more than the 10 minutes. If you want you can select it to auto submit which means at the end of 10 minutes, it doesn't matter what question they’re on, that test will automatically submit to you.

F. Setting When Test Is Displayed
Now I've made the test available, but I know that that I only want the students to see the test next week so I have date restrictions here:

1. I'm going to select “Display After” and click on my calendar.

2. I'm going to choose June 2nd.

3. I'm going to pick a time of 9:30 in the morning.

4. And I only want the test to display until June 2nd at 10:30 in the morning.

That link is only going to be there for that hour and the students coming into class after 10:30AM won't have the option to start it.

G. Setting Test Password
If you would like, you can include a password for your test, this is helpful if you want to ensure that only the students that come to your class received the password and can start the test.

1. Check off the box.

2. Type in a password.

H. Setting Test Availability Exception
Under the Test Availability Exception heading, you can include students that for whatever reason may need to write the tests at a different date or a different time.

1. Click on Add User or Group.

2. It's going to bring up your class list of students, so you can simply select the student and hit submit and indicate what the changes are.

3. So because I want to be able to do the test today to show you how it's going to look, I'm going to select my teststudent.

4. Click Submit.

5. This brings me up to the options that I can set for this specific student.

6. I’m going to leave it at single attempt, I’m going to leave the timer set to 10 minutes, but under the Availability…

7. I’m going to change the date to today, that way at 11:30AM I will have access to this test.

I. Setting A Due Date
You can include a due date for this test however if you do that and you have a student under the exception there is the risk that that test will never show up for that student if it's past the due date, so typically you leave this part blank.

J. Self Assessment Options
For Self-Assessment Options, you always just leave the default of “Include This test in Grade Center score calculations”. This means that when the students do the test the results will automatically filter to your grade Center for you to mark.

K. Show Test Results and Feedback to Students

1. It is important here to ensure that you remove this check mark under “Score per Question”.

By default, Blackboard will allow the students to see the test after they’ve submitted it, and if it’s been auto-marked, which questions they’ve got right and which questions they got wrong. This can be a helpful learning tool for the student, however it also provides them an opportunity to be away from class and have a copy of your test. So, to ensure academic honesty we ask that you remove this check mark so that when the students submit their test they don't have an opportunity to see all of their questions and what they got right and what they got wrong. If they would like to review their test specifically, we recommend that they make an appointment with you to come and have a look at it while you're together.

L. Test Presentation

1. By default this test is going to display all at once, which most mimics a paper copy of a test.

2. You can also choose to have my questions display only one question on the screen at a time.

3. If you do that you can prohibit back tracking, so that once they answer question #1 and #2, they cannot go back to question #1 and edit it.

4. You can also choose to randomize my questions.

I had mentioned this earlier if you wanted all of your questions for all of your students to show up in a different order I would select randomize.

5. Click “Submit”.

M. Overview Your Test
1. You now have a test. That is displayed in this test link for students.

2. You can see that it's grayed out.

While it is available, it's only going to be available on June 2nd at 9:30 in the morning. So if you were to go into this folder as a student, you wouldn’t see anything today, but you will see this link on June 2nd at 9:30 AM.

Instructions - STEP 3: Deploying the Test and Setting Parameters (PDF)