Testing – Student View

Video Tutorial

Testing - Student View

See Your Test From Student’s Perspective
I’m now going to show you, from the student perspective, what they see when they take your test.

1. You’re going to click on the Test link.

2. You see that the test is available and ready to go.

This is the description that you had put in when you created the test.

3. Click on Test #1, and it brings up the set of instructions that you have input and outlined by the parameters.

So it tells you that it's a Time Test and that you have a limit of 10 minutes, but at the end of this 10 minutes the test will save and automatically submit.

For Force Completion, it does indicate that the test can be saved and resumed at any point until the time is expired. This happens because you did not choose that force completion setting, however this is still the best option to set for your students so that no students test are being submitted prematurely.

4. Click Begin to begin the test.

5. It prompts you to enter the password that you have set earlier, so enter that here.

3. Hit Submit.

And you can start my test.

So again, it displays you test information.

And how many minutes you have remaining.

Reviewing Your Test Questions

1. Here's Question 1.

Once the student selects their answer, it will automatically save the answer.

2. Question 2

For short answer and essay questions you have the opportunity to type information and then hit save answer part way through to ensure that all of my answers are saving. Or simply by moving on to the next question it will automatically save the answer.

3. Question 3
Again, you can either hit save answer or go on to the next question and it will automatically save for me.

4. Question 4

5. Then you'll just have to hit save and submit.

It's always going to come up and ask me if you’re sure that you want to do this and you’re sure that you answered all of the questions.

If you hadn’t answered all the questions, it would highlight it for you here.

6. Click OK.

And your test is now complete.

So in this window it shows me that you’ve submitted your test, and it says to click OK to view results.

If you click ok, all that you’re going to see is that you've completed the test and that it needs grading.

There's two reasons for this:
The first is you took off that check mark that allows students to view their test and all their answers. But in this example we’ve also included subjective type questions, such short answer and essay. As soon as you do that, those questions need to be graded by you, the faculty, as your test will sit as an incomplete graded test until you go in and mark those types of questions. A soon as you do that, the entire test mark will update and be placed in the students grade center.

Instructions - Testing: Student View (PDF)