Using Variables in your Questions

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Instructions Using Variables in Your Question

Calculated Formula
Another way to create individualized test questions is by using the Calculated Formula

This question type, works anytime, but there is a formula that can be used to figure out the answer. This type of question will include variables in square brackets corresponding to variables in the formula that will be used to calculate the answer.

First variable is [x]. The second variable is [y].

So for this question, you must enter a formula below so that Black Board can determine if the student is correct or incorrect with their answer.

You can also specify an answer range. If you will accept an answer that is a little bit outside the exact amount.

You can allow or partial credit. You can also indicate that units are required to get this answer correct. In this case, leave it all blank. Then click Next. You now must define the variables, x and y. Give each a minimum value and a maximum value. Enter the following values:

You can also put decimal places if you wanted the questions to have a value that had decimals. You can also indicate that the answer has that decimal and to what value.

By default, Blackboard will calculate 10 numbers of answer sets. If you would like to increase this to perhaps, 15. Just put the new value in as seen below.

To indicate the right answer. Whether you want it written out or in exponential form.

Leave it at normal and click Next. This now shows you all of the answer sets you just generated with the numbers you put in.

If there is an answer set that you do not want to use, simply click remove to remove it from the set and it will automatically add another. When you are satisfied with your question, you then click Submit on the bottom right. This question now has 15 possibilities with the values given to the student.

So when the student takes the test, there will be 15 separate questions that could be given.

So as you can see, here’s the questions, with the amounts put in. When a student enters their mark and completes the test Blackboard will automatically mark every question.

Instructions - Using Variables in your Question (PDF)